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to drive results.

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with clinician-driven technology.

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See Improvements in Overall Quality of Patient Care

Quickly integrate nutrition data and best practices to improve,
not complicate, your existing clinical and EHR workflows.

Tackle the Hidden Costs of Malnutrition in Your Hospital

Nutrition plays a major role in patient outcomes, yet is often underrepresented in clinical care processes. An estimated 20 – 50% of hospitalized patients are malnourished or at risk upon admission, with higher prevalence among older adults. Yet, only 5-8% receive a coded medical diagnosis of malnutrition. Patients not initially malnourished can often become so during their hospital stay. Failure to identify, diagnose, and/or treat patients at-risk for malnutrition negatively impacts outcomes and increases the cost of care.

Longer Recovery Times
& Recurring Visits

Malnourished patients take longer to recover and are 50% more likely to be readmitted for care within 30 days.

Complex Care Coordination

Malnutrition is a complex, multifactorial condition requiring careful coordination across multiple caregivers.

Revenue Capture
& Cost Saving Opportunities

Malnutrition diagnosis impacts Case Mix Index. Malnutrition is a comorbidity that makes it more difficult for physicians and nurses to treat a patient's primary issues.

Patient Safety & Complications

Malnourished patients are more likely to develop hospital-acquired infections, injuries, functional loss, and impaired wound healing.

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Gain Insights into the Prevalence and Diagnosis of Malnutrition with Tools Tailored to your Systems

Our intuitively-designed tools operate within existing EHR workflows, giving clinicians easy access to nutrition insights that drive outcomes.

Coordinate EHR data within clinician and IT workflows

Track patient outcomes with standardized documentation

Access real-time analytics to receive the appropriate reimbursements

Drive continuous improvement with score cards, KPI dashboards & coaching

Photo of Cian Robinson

“We’ve seen our Case Mix Index (CMI) improve by a 0.026 shift since installing Junum’s MalnutritionCDS® solution. As a result, Junum has provided the hospital a three-fold ROI within 1 year of the roll out.” Cian Robinson, Lafayette General Health, Executive Director, Innovation Fund

Our Process

Junum works with key clinical, financial, administrative, and IT stakeholders to understand the existing environment, discover gaps in malnutrition care and implement solutions.

Assess Feasibility & Current State

Identify areas for greatest improvement in nutrition care and financial opportunity.

Upgrade Your Tech

Get tailored tools from our IT experts that work seamlessly with your EHR.

Align with Best Practices

Apply custom process recommendations to align with industry best practices.

Manage Continuous Improvement

Ensure your facility sees a significant ROI on improved nutritional care.

Real Results

Over a period of 12 months, our customers have seen results like these listed below.

˜96% Increase
in diagnosis of malnutrition*

$1M+ annual revenue
opportunities & cost savings*

* Results will vary by facility

Our Team

Molly Hegarty, MS RDN
Founder & CEO

Junum is a clinical nutrition company that uses digital health tools to improve nutrition care and patient outcomes in acute settings. Led by a team of nutrition IT experts, we work with our customers to tailor tools that integrate directly into their EHRs and lead healthcare teams through the process improvement best practices to fully optimize nutrition care.

Using the principles of improvement science, we work with hospitals to identify the underlying problems that lead to inefficient, fragmented nutrition care. Our suite of tools combines industry best practices with customized workflows to improve care coordination, optimize documentation, and increase reimbursement for malnourished patients in the acute-care setting.

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