Elevating clinical nutrition
to drive results.

Improve patient outcomes and maximize reimbursements
with clinician-driven technology.

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Malnutrition is a common, complicated, and
costly problem for hospitals

Malnutrition (a nutrient imbalance, deficiency or excess) is an ongoing issue in healthcare linked to higher infection rates, longer lengths of stay and increased risk of mortality—all with devastating impacts on hospital revenue and overall patient outcomes.

Insufficient tools and disconnected care processes make it difficult for hospitals to grasp and fully address the issue. In fact, 20-50% of patients experience malnutrition in the hospital setting, yet only 5-10% are diagnosed.

Junum helps hospitals understand and address malnutrition to maximize the value of their clinical team and deliver exceptional patient care.

Technology to help hospitals address nutrition,
a critical "blind spot" in patient care today. 

Our intuitively-designed tools operate within existing EHR workflows, giving clinicians easy access to nutrition insights that drive improved outcomes.

Coordinate EHR data within clinician and IT workflows

Track patient outcomes with standardized documentation

Access real-time analytics to receive the appropriate reimbursements

Drive continuous improvement with score cards, KPI dashboards & coaching

Our Process

Junum works with key clinical, financial, administrative, and IT stakeholders to understand the existing environment, discover gaps in malnutrition care and implement solutions.

Assess Feasibility & Current State

Identify areas for greatest improvement in nutrition care and financial opportunity.

Upgrade Your Tech

Get tailored tools from our IT experts that work seamlessly with your EHR.

Align with Best Practices

Apply custom process recommendations to align with industry best practices.

Manage Continuous Improvement

Ensure your facility sees a significant ROI on improved nutritional care.

Photo of Cian Robinson

“We’ve seen our Case Mix Index (CMI) improve by a 0.026 shift since installing Junum’s MalnutritionCDS® solution. As a result, Junum has provided the hospital a three-fold ROI within 1 year of the roll out.” Cian Robinson, Lafayette General Health, Executive Director, Innovation Fund

Real Results

See increased revenue in <90 days by properly diagnosing and coding malnutrition. 

˜96% Increase
in diagnosis of malnutrition*

$1M+ annual revenue
opportunities & cost savings*


* Results will vary by facility

Our Team

Our team is comprised of nutrition IT experts with a deep understanding of clinical nutrition, EHR implementations, process improvement, finance, operations management and health IT.

  • Molly Hegarty, MS RDN
    Founder & CEO

  • Camille Dybvig
    Head of Operations

  • Jenni Bendfeldt
    Head of Business Development

  • Margaret Dittloff, MS RDN
    Head of Product

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