Solution Resources

McLeod Health: Measuring the Impact of Malnutrition

McLeod Health makes the case for improvement through a feasibility assessment with Junum.

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Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center Drives Margin and Mission Through Better Nutrition

See how Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center increased malnutrition diagnosis rates, improved nutrition care and captured additional revenue with Junum.

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Clinical Resources

Malnutrition Diagnoses and Associated Outcomes in Hospitalized Patients: United States, 2018

ASPEN has been tracking rates of coded malnutrition diagnoses in hospitalized patients and associated outcomes over time using AHRQ data. Watch this short ASPEN video which reviews the latest key findings from the recently published study.

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Diagnosing Malnutrition Predicts Outcomes in the ICU

Hear from Dr. David Seres as he shares how severe malnutrition has been shown to be associated with significant increases in ICU length of stay, hospital length of stay and mortality in patients admitted to ICUs.

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