Junum Announces MalnutritionCDS™ Integration with Epic EHR

May 18, 2021

Junum Announces MalnutritionCDS™ Integration with Epic EHR

Easy-to-access nutrition insights help hospitals better diagnose malnutrition and maximize revenue


New Orleans, LA. (May 18, 2021): Malnutrition is a common, complicated, and costly problem for hospitals. In the US, one in three patients admitted to the hospital is at risk for malnutrition — but <7% are diagnosed.(1) Junum developed its MalnutritionCDS™ solution to help hospitals address this critical “blind spot,” deliver exceptional patient care and maximize revenue capture.

And today, Junum is pleased to announce that its MalnutritionCDS solution is now available on Epic’s App Orchard. View the listing here.

A Clinical Nutrition Solution for Solving Malnutrition in the Hospital

Built using the latest FHIR-based API technology, Junum’s solution integrates with the Epic EHR system to deliver the nutrition insights physicians need to accurately diagnose malnutrition — all within their existing EHR workflows.

The tool guides dietitians through the nutrition-focused physical exam, helping identify and document evidence of malnutrition severity to:

  • Inform clinical decisions by putting nutrition insights in front of physicians in the EHR — early and at a glance
  • Improve patient care by better diagnosing and documenting malnutrition early enough to inform care plans
  • Maximize revenue by recovering significant reimbursements


A Clinical Solution with Financial Impact

When malnutrition is properly diagnosed and coded, reimbursements can rise significantly. In fact, hospitals using Junum’s solution have nearly doubled their malnutrition diagnosis rates — and seen multi-year revenue increases as a result.

“When care teams can diagnose malnutrition early, they can intervene sooner to help improve patient outcomes and capture the appropriate reimbursements,” says Molly Hegarty, MS RDN, Founder and CEO of Junum. “As an engineer turned nutritionist, I believe strongly in using the power of technology to help clinicians better understand nutrition and its vital role in patient care. We’re excited to make our SMART on FHIR, malnutrition-focused app for clinicians available to Epic users across the country.” 

See the press release Here

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About Junum

Junum is founded and led by Molly Hegarty, nutritionist and engineer. The company helps hospitals understand and address malnutrition to maximize the value of their clinical teams, drive revenue and deliver exceptional patient care. Our intuitive tools operate within existing EHR workflows, giving clinicians easy access to the nutrition insights they need to drive improved outcomes. Schedule a demo today at junum.io.

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MalnutritionCDS and Junum are trademarks or registered trademark of RDF Technology, LLC.



Barrett ML, Bailey MK, Owens PL. Non-maternal and Non-neonatal Inpatient Stays in the United States Involving Malnutrition, 2016. ONLINE. August 30, 2018. U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Available:www.hcup-us.ahrq.gov/reports.jsp

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